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RLA Flooring Adhesives

Flooring Adhesives Customised for New Zealand

Roberts RLA Polymers produce a huge range of adhesives customised to suit New Zealand conditions, for almost any type of flooring specification. We have the most comprehensive range available, with distributors nationally.

Flooring Adhesives - A great range of adhesives for domestic and commercial applications.
Ceramic Tile Adhesives - Well recognised in the market, specified on many high profile jobs


Ceramic Tile & Stone Adhesives


FLEXCO supply a range of adhesives for use on walls, ceramic tile and stone floors:

  • Flexi Wall 'n Floor™ Masonry Adhesives
  • Flexi Wall 'n Floor™ Premium 2 Part Liquid & Powders for any ceramic tiling application
  • Flexi Wall 'n Floor™ Non Slip 1 Pot for interior tiling (exceptionally flexible)

Adhesive systems for tile and stone

  • Single Pack Adhesive Range (standard rubber based and molyer modified adhesives)
  • 2-Part Adhesives
  • 2-Part Adhesives for specific use.

Green Solutions Flooring Adhesives

A New Standard in Flooring Adhesives

Balancing technological advancements with the safety of our environment, the Green Solutions adhesives range is suitable for most flooring installations and performs to the highest standards

Green Solutions range of environmentally friendly commercial flooring adhesives all have the Green Star NZ credit approval.

* Very low VOC emission * GECA licensed *
* Anti-microbial formulation * Solvent free *
* Very low odour*


RLA Ceramic Tile Adhesives

Ceramic Tile Adhesives

RLA Polymers Pty Ltd have been manufacturing and supplying Ceramic Tile Adhesives via distributors for many years now. Our products are well recognised in the market, and have been specified on many high profile jobs.

  • Cement Based Tile Adhesives
  • Modified Cement Based Tile Adhesives
  • Flexible Cement Based Tile Adhesives
  • Premixed Acrylic Based Flexible Mastic Tile Adhesives
  • Primers & Additives
  • Grouts

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Tile & Slate Adhesives

Cemix Limited are manufacturers and suppliers of quality adhesives for tiles and slate

Cemix™ Tile Bond is a modified cement based water resistant adhesive for interior or exterior fixing of ceramic tiles and mosaics on floors and walls

Cemix™ Tile Bond Latex gives improved adhesion and flexibility when laying all types of tiles and slate on difficult surfaces.

Cemix™ Tile Grout, in white or grey is a general purpose grout for walls and floors.


General Purpose Organic Adhesives

WALL 'n FLOOR™ 1 Part and 2 Part Adhesives....
A unique organic, polymer based adhesive based on an alkaline curing chemistry, for superior bond.

Useable in all ceramic tile situations - indoor, outdoor & swimming pools.

Will fix ALL tile types such as fully vitrified, monocottura, soft biscuit, sheet mosaic, slate, granite, marble, teracotta & stone. Also able to fix sealed strip timber. Recommended for exterior stonework such as Hinuera & Wairau stone, brick slips & facings. Even recommended to fix & join architectural polystyrene shapes etc.

Will fix direct to all substrates such as concrete, cement boards, timber, gypsum reinforced plaster board, polystyrene & asphalt. Not recommended direct to Butynol or other butyl rubbers.

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