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Bathroom Renovation Feature: Traditional, Modern & Beach Styles

We're regularly asked about some of our favourite bathroom styles. More than just products and fittings, people want an overall theme that flows through their bathroom and exists as an extension of their homes unique character. Today we're going to highlight our three favourite bathroom styles. All of the bathrooms highlighted on this page are bathroom renovation projects completed in Perth, WA. We'd like to an extend a thanks to the all of the teams for working with us to highlight each unique style, and provide images of their recent projects.

Why complete a bathroom renovation?

Home owners are often concerned with the kitchen and living spaces of the house, and work to make them more inviting to guests, more comfortable to live and obviously to display the unique style of the owner. But bathrooms are often considered the deal breaker for prospective buyers.
Renovating and redesigning your bathroom will give you a more elegant and comfortable space, it can transform your bathroom from a utility, to a true place of relaxation and enjoyment.

What are some common bathroom additions?

Baths, Bench Space, & Basins are all common additions when looking to redesign your bathroom. Baths are by far the most common addition, particularly in modern home designs that often overlook comfort in order to save space. Adding basins, and increasing bench space is another common addition as this can make your bathroom more comfortable for day to day use. Fixutres and fittings, like mirrors, taps or faucets, heated towel racks and proper drainage are not to be overlooked, everyone has expereienced the difference between a high quality showerhead and a low quality, low pressure one, and simple pleasures like these are really what renovators are looking for.

Traditional Bathroom Designs: Classical & Elegant

Traditional bathrooms are characterised by their use of classically shaped tapware, free-standing baths, white or cream colour and heritage cabinets. They look great in period homes and can restore a certain 'old-time' charm to your bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom Renovation Details

The Brief: The team were tasked with adding a classical charm back to this bathroom while keeping it bright and open.
Project Timeframe: This renovation took just over two weeks to complete.
Project Cost: $8,000-$10,000


The cabinets featured here use old-fashioned rounded handles alongside detailed wood highlights. Although grey in colour, they perfectly match the white walls and neutral coloured tiles.

Tapware & Basins

Old-Fashioned taps that lack some of the glimmer or shine of more modern designs, they're simple but effective. Bold in shape, they become a true feature of the bathroom and are balanced by the neutral basin

Modern Bathrooms: Dark & Seamless

Modern bathrooms often carry dark tiling, fittings and fixtures for a sleak and stylish look. Perfect for inner-city homes or upscale apartments modern bathrooms normally appeal to a younger crowd than traditional and are charactertised by their use of sophisticated fittings and timeless materials like granite or marble.

Modern Bathroom Renovation Details

The Brief: Upgrade the bathroom of this recently built home and bring flair to a previously boring room with the use of marble featires
Project Timeframe: 1 week
Project Cost: $15,000-$20,000

Marble Feature Wall

The most noticeable feature of this bathroom is it's use of marble on both the countertop and feature wall. It livens up the dark tiling without overstating itself and carries an elegant theme throughout.

Modern Showerhead

This rainfall showerhead provides plenty of clearance so that water streams directly down, rather than at an angle. A detachable tap is also featured for ease of use

Beach Vibe Bathrooms

Open and airy, kept vibrant with their use of natural materials like wood and marble, alongside white benchtops and fittings. Beach style bathroom renovations opt to use the natural light found on the coast

Beach Bathroom Renovation Details

The Brief: Keep it relaxed and open while using light-coloured wood to carry through a beach vibe.
Project Timeframe: 3 weeks
Project Cost: $5,000-$7,000

Free Standing Bath

This free standing bath sits next to the open window, making it light, airy and relaxing. The bath itself is void of complex fitting or features, making it easy to use.

Wooden Cabinets

These lightened wooden cabinets keep the space light and simple. Showing highlights of natural wood found along the coast it carries a little bit of the outdoors into the bathroom.