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Cladding Colours

Welcome to the Style Australia & New Zealand Colour Swatch Library.
Please click on the links below to view the colours, textures and patterns available.

ColorCote Cladding

ColorCote® Cladding & Trim

ColorCote® is a tough, durable, organic coating applied in a continuous process to steel strip which can then be rollformed into steel cladding.

Dimond Roofing Colours


By far New Zealand's most extensive range of roofing and cladding colours, the HABITATS range ensures that you can create the look of your dreams with Dimond.

Monier Bricks

Monier Clay Bricks

NZ Made Monier Clay Bricks - bricks in a broad range of colours - reds, browns, buffs, creams and terracotta.

Nu-Wall Cladding

Nu-Wall Aluminium Cladding Colours

Design for a weathertight future with Nu-Wall aluminium cladding. Select different cladding profiles and colours and review the result on a rendered building

Wintec Ulltraclad Aluminium Cladding

Wintec Ulltraclad Aluminium Cladding

The aluminium weatherboard system that breathes.

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