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Decorative Metal, Metal Finishes & Metal Effects

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Rimex stainless steel finishes

Rimex Stainless Steel Finishes - patterned finishes

Rimex patterned finishes provide a large selection of random and symmetrical designs that are modern and attractive in appearance.

Rimex coloured stainless steel

Rimex Coloured Stainless Steel Finishes

Unlike painted or other coloured metal products that can be flat in appearance, ColourTex® is reflective, lively and makes a dynamic material for construction projects, retail and catering applications.

Decorative metals, metal finishes & metal effects

Rimex Decorative Architectural Metals

Rimex stocks 3 stunning ranges of decorative metal finishes that offer you limitless design scope - MetalArt™, Impressions™ and Colour Fusion.

ColorCote metallic roofing and cladding

ColorCote® Metallic Roofing / Cladding

ColorCote® is a tough, durable, organic coating applied in a continuous process to steel strip which can then be rollformed into steel cladding & roofing.

Hotmetal aluminium finishes

Hot Metal Decorative Aluminium Finishes

Hot Metal, from Ullrich Aluminium, is a revolutionary new metal laminate with a striking 3D effect. Metal laminate finishes are acheived by coating the aluminium with transparent colours. The laminate is then textured to create a three dimensioned effect using a range of hand crafted patterns.

Metal Laminate

Chemetal produces numerous classic designs with an energy and depth found only in metal directional and non directional patterning that bends and plays with light.

Ullrich Aluminium Finishes

Aluminium Finishes from Ullrich

The aesthetic versatility of textured patterns and coloured finishes is realised when durability and appearance are fundamental.

Resene gold paint effects

Resene Gold Paint Effects

Paint Effects allow you the freedom to capture a mood, create an ambience and transform the mundane into something special.

Resene Metallic Paint and Lacquers

Resene Metallic Paint and Special Effects

View the Resene Metallics and Special Effects Chart - 56 shimmering metallic effects designed to add visual interest and dimension to virtually any surface.

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