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Natural Flooring

Sisal, Coir, Jute and Seagrass Rugs and Carpet

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Simply Sisal Flooring

Simply Sisal™ Flooring

Sisal carpet's astounding elegance and luxury is woven into its very nature. Celebrated for its fabulous texture and luminous qualities, these exquisite floor coverings accomplish legendary beauty and strength.

Sisal and Coir Rugs

Sisal and Coir Rugs

Artisan Floorwear offers variations in flooring, carpet and rugs as unique as each customer. Each rug can be sized and tailored to your exact requirements. Complement your rugs with a border of your choice.

Sisal & Wool Blend Carpet

Softly Sisal™ Sisal & Wool Blend Carpet

Smooth and luscious, let your bare feet fall on this velvety floor covering. Softly Sisal™ carpet combines an interlace of wool and Sisal, for inspiring natural fibre flooring that exudes quality and class.

Country Coir Flooring

Country Coir™ Flooring

Simply gorgeous, Coir’s many shades of golden illuminate beautifully in sunlight. Its rustic magnificence and stylish country appeal creates an atmosphere of warmth and charm.

Simply Seagrass Flooring

Simply Seagrass™ Flooring

Renowned for its pale sage green colours and natural earthy scent, Seagrass™ flooring brings the exotic flair of nature into the comforts of the indoors.

Just Jute Flooring

Just Jute™ Flooring

ute’s rich texture and silky soft lustre comfortably set the tone of luxury and elegance. Its subtle weaves and exceptional quality are perfect for achieving an exotic décor and inviting atmosphere.

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