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Enerlogic Window Film is professionally applied to the inside of your existing glass


Get a warmer home!

Enerlogic Window Film is professionally applied to the inside of your existing glass and adds as much as 92% more insulating to keep the heat in and the cold out. Works all year too, as it keeps your home cooler in summer.

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Curtains to beautify your homeCurtains designed to compliment your home

Resene have a range of curtain fabrics designed to complement popular Resene colours - these fashionable curtains come in stripes, patterns and neutral colours.

View an example of the curtains with the suggested paint colour co-ordinates.

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WallpaperChoose wallpapers online

Search for or browse through over 3000 online wallpaper swatches.

In the with the Resene wallpaper library, search by name or code or view a full range by selecting from the wallpaper range list. Click 'Preview' to view a larger sample and swatch information, then download your favourites.

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SmartVent Home VentilationSmart-Vent home ventilation - for a fresher drier, healthier Home

Condensation, mould, mildew and dust mites are prevalent in many New Zealand homes, which is one reason we have one of the highest rates of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. These problems can be greatly reduced by improving the ventilation of the home. The Smart-Vent home ventilation systems have been designed specifically to improve the air quality in NZ homes. .

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Gardening ProjectsExciting projects for your garden

Resene and Weekend Gardener have joined forces to provide projects suitable for all DIY'ers to tackle to brighten the great outdoors. We hope that you find them inspiring to brighten up your back yard.

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security_products.htmlSecurity products that are better by design

Miles Nelson has designed a new stylish 'Secure Zone' range of security fittings specifically with you in mind. They are extremely easy to use but provide increased safety for windows and doors. Take control and reduce the risk of a burglary.

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Parkhurst DesignColour and light fastness

Furniture, carpets, drapery and art can all be severely damaged by fading. What exactly causes fading? The sun's energy or more importantly the portion called ultraviolet radiation. Surprisingly, ultraviolet radiation only makes up for only 2% of the sun's energy, but accounts for an estimated 60% of the fading damage... Choosing furnishings that will ultimately fade gracefully is the trick. There's something quite comforting about an old faded armchair as opposed to a sleek new one.

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