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Resene Paints
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Curtain collection


Resene Curtain Collection

The Resene Curtain Collection is a range of fabrics designed to complement popular Resene colours - fashion stripes, patterns and neutral colours are designed to complement a wide range of colour schemes.

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 Resene Ambiance  Resene Balance Resene Beyond Curtains  Resene Diva
Resene Ambiance Resene Balance Resene Beyond Resene Diva
Resene Entwine Curtains Resene Ignite Curtains Resene Intercept Resene Iterate Curtains
Resene Entwine Resene Ignite Resene Intercept Resene Iterate
Resene Kinetic Curtains Liberty curtains  Resene Intercept Metaphor Curtains
Resene Kinetic Resene Liberty Resene Mecca Resene Metaphor
Resene Phase Curtains Resene Sojourn Curtains Resene Sophistry Curtains Resene Swivel Curtains
Resene Phase Resene Sojourn Resene Sophistry Resene Swivel
Resene Tranquility Curtains Resene Turntable Curtains Resene Unison Curtains Resene Urbanesque Curtains
Resene Tranquillity Resene Turntable Resene Unison Resene Urbanesque
Resene Waltz Curtains Resene Wanderer Curtains    
Resene Waltz Resene Wanderer    

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