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First select your colours Gallery of DIY projects Colour information Colour trends
Buying paint Shops in Australia and NZ   Virtual painting
Purchase testpots online Find nearest Resene ColorShop Order free Resene colour charts EzyPaint software
Areas to paint      
Exterior timber walls Interior walls Roofs Woodcare
Concrete, plasters Cement-based substrates Resene Waterborne Colorwood palette and staining tips What's the weather like?
Technical     Find a professional
Resene paints and products Recommended Resene paint systems Technical data Find-A-Professional
Surface preparation -
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Using brushes (pdf)
Using rollers (pdf) Masking tape selection guide and tips (pdf)
Checklist of gear needed Paint quantities needed Quick overall guide DIY Tips
Resene Environmental
Choice paints

Resene PaintWise - returning unwanted paints How to clean brushes Low odour paints
Wallpapering     Wallpapers 3000 samples
Guide to wallcovering installation pdf Measuring, cutting and hanging wallpaper and borders pdf Wallpaper information On line wallpaper collection
Hire a professional painter service or use the online Find-A-Professional service with listings from a wide range of industry professionals.

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