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Article by:
David Eeles
Miles Nelson
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Miles Nelson

Security Products that are Better by Design -
combine safety with style

Security Stays

Window Security Stays

Miles Nelson has designed a new stylish 'Secure Zone' range of security fittings specifically with you in mind. They are extremely easy to use but provide increased safety for windows and doors. The window stay, pictured, shows their strong stylish appearance.

Burglary statistics

There are approximately 60,000 burglaries reported in NZ every year. That is one approximately every 10 mins and unfortunately burglary victims are more likely to be re-burgled again within the following 6 months. The main point of entry in over 60% of the burglaries is through an unsecured window and statistics confirm that 75% of reported burglaries occur during the day.

The majority of burglaries are committed by amateur burglar's who look for opportunities in the form of open windows or poorly secured windows.

Take control and reduce the risk

  • Fit quality locks
  • Install a monitored alarm system
  • Install security lighting
  • Fit safety stays to windows to prevent easy access and patio bolts to all sliding and hinged doors
  • Double deadlock the front and rear doors to reduce the likelihood that items can be removed from the house
  • Join the local Neighbourhood support group.

Thanks to David Eeles of Miles Nelson