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For a fresher, drier, healthier home

We take it for granted that the air we live and breathe in everyday is healthy …BUT is it really!


Ventilation for healthier homes

Fresh air is critical for a healthy existence, however the design of our homes means that they are often not allowed to breathe. We tend to trap stale, damp air within our homes.  Everyday an average family of four releases over 12 litres of moisture into the air, which can lead to condensation, mould and mildew issues.  A Smart-Vent home ventilation solution provides a fresher, drier, healthier home for your family...

How do you ensure your home is healthy for you and your family?

Condensation, mould, mildew and dust mites are prevalent in many New Zealand homes, which is one reason we have one of the highest rates of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. These problems can be greatly reduced by improving the ventilation of the home. The Smart-Vent home ventilation systems have been designed specifically to improve the air quality in NZ homes. 

  • Introducing fresh air into your home
  • Reducing condensation, mould & mildew
  • Helping asthma & allergy sufferers
  • Filters out dust & pollens

How Smart-Vent will work in your home
Smart-Vent is a Positive Pressure system which draws fresher air into your home from either the roof space or from outside.  This air is then filtered and introduced into your home, creating a gentle air pressure forcing out the stale, damp air.

Home Ventilation Examples

To ensure the highest level of filtration, our systems include high-grade filters with the larger systems including, as standard, an F7 filter removes 80-90% of fine dust particles and pollen. So you can breathe easier in your home.

Heat Transfer Feature
The Heat Transfer feature allows you to make better use of your heating in winter. In this mode excess heat is drawn exclusively from your main living area, and transferred to other rooms in your home, such as bedrooms using the Smart-Vent outlets.

The Smart-Vent ControllerSmart-Vent Control
The stylish Smart-Vent controller provides automatic control of your living environment.  Choose from a LCD display providing digital temperature readings and an easy to follow menu or the state of the art colour touch screen controller for the ultimate in home ventilation control.

…so step into your fresher, drier, healthier home today

By installing the above systems into your home you are helping to improve the quality of the air and create a more comfortable living environment for your family.  Smart-Vent prides itself on continual development and innovation to ensure consumers have an ultimate all year round ventilation system.

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