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Synergy True Heat Recovery ...
A balanced Home Ventilation system

The NEW Smart-Vent Synergy is a TRUE Heat Recovery System that will actually save you money while ventilating your home! Synergy is a completely balanced system that extracts stale, damp, moisture laden air from inside your home while introducing fresher, drier air. Best of all its heat recovery means its extremely energy efficient.

Heat Transfer Systems

The Smart-Vent Synergy touch screen controller offers state of the art technology in the heart of your home.


Stop condensation on your windows

Natural control of condensation with Easy Air passive home ventilation - no pests or intruders

Provide a gentle flow of natural air that helps stop condensation on your windows and helps promote a healthy home environment via improved indoor air quality with Easy Air trickle vents.

Natural ventilation like this is called passive background ventilation. Replace the hot humid inside air with cooler fresher outside air.

Freephone now on 0508 EASYAIR

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Heat Transfer Systems

Heat-Trans Heat Transfer Systems

Is your Lounge HOT but your Bedrooom's NOT?

Heat-Trans heat transfer systems utilise excess heat by transferring it from one room to multiple rooms within the home.

Heat -Trans uses whisper quiet acoustic duct, high quality long life fan motors and temperature control for the ultimate in Heat Transfer systems.

Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Trans can be installed in both new and existing homes.

Securimax Limited

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Schneider Electric

C-Bus® Home Automation

Clipsal C-Bus® control and management system switches off lights automatically when rooms are unoccupied. C-Bus® Home Automation can turn on lights, heating etc remotely from cellphones via voice commands or text messages.

Heating and ventilation can be independently controlled using the room thermostats. CBus® Home Automation from Schneider Electric can communicate with almost any security or fire control system as it can relay safety messages and easily integrate lighting with these systems.


Central Vacuum Systems


MaxVak Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Systems

Future proof your home by installing a MaxVak Central Vacuum System

MaxVac Central Vacuums

So convenient to use, no electric cable to plug in and no need to drag around a portable vacuum cleaner. Vacuum sockets are situated at strategic points within your home which are connected by pipes to the vacuum unit. Plug the hose into the socket to start cleaning, it couldn’t be easier.

Maxvak can be installed in both new & existing homes.

Securimax Limited
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