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Kariba Awnings & Canopies

Kariba Awnings & Canopies

Kariba canopies are a stylish and effective means of providing shelter from the weather and protection from the sun for your home, office or factory.

The sturdy construction of the canopies, elegant design and wide range of colour and glazing options makes these canopies very versatile.

The attractive, modern appearance and efficient performance of the canopies will enhance residential homes and commercial buildings alike


Cedar Timber Conservatories

Cedarlite Custombuilt Cedar Timber Conservatories

You can be confident in the knowledge that your Cedarlite Conservatory will be a quality extension with attention taken at all stages to ensure the addition blends in with your home.

Add living space to your home and enhance your lifestyle. Every Cedarlite conservatory is custom made to suit your requirements.


Clay Pavers

Monier Clay Paving

Monier Clay Pavers make the perfect choice for creating unique, enduring outdoor environments - whether it's a pool surround, a sweeping driveway, or a simple pathway to the clothesline.

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Choose Monier clay pavers for their strength and durability. Clay does not fade - it ages with grace and dignity, retaining the natural colours of the earth.


Asphalt Services


Asphalt Driveways & Pothole Repairs

Update the look of your old driveway with a brand new asphalt driveway by Claremont Asphalt.
The driveway trule is the entranceway to a hole and having an expertly laid asphalt driveway will make a stellar first impression on prospective home buyers.
Claremont Asphalt also offer a range of asphalt services like pothole repairs and they can fix your dangers our ugly driveway and restore it to it's original condition. Protect your car from damage and yourself from injury while also increasing the look and value of your home!


Kariba Decorative Panels

Spa & Pool Screens

Enhance your spa or pool with decorative translucent KARIBA panels

Spa Pool Screens
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Kariba panels create a special environment to enhance the enjoyment of your pool or spa pool. They are the ideal product for creating privacy and shelter.

Kariba decorative translucent unbreakable fibreglass panels have a variety of artistic designs and colours to choose from. They are suitable for both interior and exterior use.


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