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Concrete Roof Tile Pointing Mortar

Reinforce as you Repair the Ridge Caps on your Tiled Roof with FlexiPoint™

FlexiPoint™ is a unique acrylic, polymer based pointing mortar, designed to secure & waterproof the ridges on concrete tile roofs.

  • FlexiPoint™ waterproofs key tile joints preventing water ingress.

  • FlexiPoint™ is suitable for new roofs & roof repairs. Highly recommended before repainting older concrete tile roofs.

  • Ridges are secure preventing failure due to the elements, timber shrinkage or vibration.


Fibreglass Glazing Panels

Kariba Fibrecore Fibreglass Glazing Panels are Suitable for Roofing and all Exterior Work

Kariba Fibrecore fibreglass glazing panels are impervious to moisture and suitable for interior and exterior applications, both wet and dry. These Fibreglass Roofing Panels are Custom Made:

Maximum length - 4800mm
Maximum width - 1200mm

  • Strong and stable
  • High insulation value
  • Moisture proof
  • Mildew, fungi and stain resistant

How to... Roof Painting and Re-Coating

How to prepare and paint your roof

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Resene Summit Roof Chart
Resene Summit Roof Chart
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View these handy hints from Resene to make sure you don't have to paint the roof more often than you need to.



Roof Reviver Roof Restoration

Roof Reviver Professional Roof Restoration System

Restore your Tiled Roof with Roof Reviver

The Roof Reviver Professional Roof Restoration System offers long term durability to protect any roof, and professional approved applicators whom have been stringently trained in their application.

Roof Reviver Professional Roof Restoration System

Roof Reviver uses higher quality products, which are based on higher resin solids, and are built on quality acrylics, and tinters.


Roof Coatings, Sealers and Glazes

Flexco (N.Z.) Ltd

FLEXCO Roofcoat for Roof Restoration

Flexco supply a range of roof coatings and roof restoring products.

  • Flexco Roofcoat Coloured Topcoats
  • Flexco Roofcoat Penetrating Sealer for concrete roof tiles
  • Flexco Roofcoat High Build Base
  • Flexco Roofcoat Clear Glaze
  • Flexco Roofcoat Chip Bond

FlexiPoint Pointing Mortar


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