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Fisher & Paykel
Innovative household appliances developed with a commitment to technology, design, user friendliness and environmental awareness
Autosensing Clothes Dryers

Autosensing Clothes Dryer

Designed with reliability, convenience and simplicity in mind. Autosensing allows the dryer to adjust drying time and heat control so garments are not subjected to heat or tumbling for any longer than necessary.

  • Autosensing for ultimate clothes care

  • Reverse tumbling to reduce tangling

  • 5 dryness settings

  • 3 temperature controls

  • Wrinkle guard

  • 4.5kg dry load capacity


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Fisher & Paykel washing machines and dryers have been designed to make the laundry process easy and enjoyable, to preserve natural resources and to provide excellent performance standards. This has been achieved through various innovative technologies including, Australasia's first High Efficiency top loading washer, AquaSmart™, the ability to sense fabric type and load size to give optimum cleaning and garment care, and the Smart Drive™ system to improve reliability.